Listen to Skullcaster and Future Blondes live show!

At Nothing Changes, 9/25/13. Skullcaster starts things and then it bleeds into Future Blondes, no break or set change. It was a really fun night,albeit one that ended up getting pushed back to something like 2 AM. We’re back to old New York nightlife time, if not fully an old New York city. I was a bit disappointed to see that the gate of the space next door was very plain and austere, which probably appealed to the sea of transplanted bland milling outside it. I’d been to a few of the Weird Records parties at Home Sweet Home a few years back and the next door space had a carved, chaotic gate wrought with painted cartoon heads and such.Apparently the gallery now in it has a decent show, judging from some flyers I saw scattered around, but there was a very moneyed crowd lurking about…and then there was us next door. I met some very cool people through Dom (of Future Blondes) setting this up out here, some coming from West Philly or Texas, as he had. I meet enough cool people from out of state to wonder if one day we’ll get fed up enough with the blandification, 7-11’s and ugly fishtank luxury condos that we’ll be the transplants somewhere someday, but where? You leave and go into America, it’s strip mall after strip mall of that stuff. It’s not that I inherently hate change,the Universe is in constant flux. But people just need to stop assuming “change” is inherently a positive. There is such a thing as things changing to boring.

Yes, I’m aware the event is called “Nothing Changes”. It’s the name of a Death In June song. Come at me, Antifa!


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