5/13/11 La La Land – In The Dream House


I can’t vouch for what anyone else was experiencing, but I was seeing all sorts of things, and having vibrations course through my head. The drones, created by La Monte Young are intensely loud and engulfing, while the visual aspects of the installation by Marian Zazeela are an unflinching magenta scream prying your brain open beyond it’s usual semi-conscious waking state. This is not a tranquil New-Agey meditation experience of tranquil pastel visuals and friendly nature sounds, but it will certainly shift your consciousness nonetheless. Here’s a brief clip of the Dream House. Now imagine lying in the middle of this, magnified:

If that sounds appealing to you, information on visiting hours for the Dream House can be found here:




One thought on “5/13/11 La La Land – In The Dream House

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