Some Banksy…

…spotted near my mental health treatment program last Friday.

It had been tagged over somewhat by the time I stumbled upon it in person. An older graffiti chaser on a paint spattered bicycle told me the additional tag on the hydrant was RD 357, another street artist who had been active back in the 80’s. The guy also told me of a just-announced Banksy collaboration with the Brazilian street artists Os Gemeos two avenues over, so I refilled my scrips, collected Eric, and we headed over to join the zoo of gawkers and angry security guards.

Well, that’s about it, just wanted to post these. I haven’t seen all the Banksys that have appeared around the city, though Eric saw the truck of stuffed animals the other day, but there’s plenty of coverage of them on art blogs and even regular newspapers, given Bloombuck’s spittle-frothing desire to catch the guy. (Douche is creating a mandatory fee for the Met, too, and I hear it might be $25 a head, yeah put a price on culture and then wonder why there’s so much anti-intellectualism around.) Anyway, I’m just gonna pretend in my little world that the pursuit of Banksy goes something like this:


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