When Doctors Discriminate: Please Share!

This is a disturbing testimony. I wish the OP had provided links to the 14 studies. I know I was forced to go into an ambulance to Bellevue at least one time against my wishes. And then billed for the ambulance ride, oh please.

Pride in Madness

“At least 14 studies have shown that patients with a serious mental illness receive worse medical care than “normal” people. Last year the World Health Organization called the stigma and discrimination endured by people with mental health conditions “a hidden human rights emergency.””- Juliann Garey, Aug 10th/13

When I was 13 years old my Dad took me to the ER at a hospital in Oshawa, one city over from our town. They took me there at the request of my school because they had caught me self harming. I was told I couldn’t go back to school until I was seen by a doctor. After waiting a couple of hours in the ER a doctor saw me and I guess had to before I could move onto the hospitals psych ward. I sat on the table and he told me to show him the cuts. I showed me. He grabbed my arm to…

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