5/14/11 La La Land & Rock Ink Roll Comix

By the way, if anyone reading this is in Minneapolis, MN, on Nov. 1st, I have a print in a group art show at Altered Esthetics gallery, 1224 Quincy St. NE., up through November 23rd.  The show is for the the newly released Rock Ink Roll comics anthology, which is a collection of comics about music. (And two previously unseen pages of Living In La La Land will appear in the e-book edition.)

It’s hard to think of anything that hasn’t been said  in the few days since Lou Reed’s passage. There are people who create New York City, psychically, inasmuch as construction crews and architects create it physically, and Lou was one such person. So, here’s “Kill Your Sons” , a recount of the same psychiatric industry that’s sometimes tried to Kill This Daughter and others:

The story goes that Lou Reed’s parent had ECT administered to him as a teenager to “cure” his bisexuality, back in the days when fear based phony morality actually still allowed such a thing to be pathologized in this country. These days at least, I can tell my counselor that I sometimes feel my gender is fluid and androgynous, and constricted to the female only in my physical body, and not fear reprisal (at least not here in NYC.) I just better not have a flat affect when I say it. Still, how sickening, that parents willingly torture their children over sexual orientation, and that the mental “health” industry was compliant.


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