The Biting Man – pastels

pastel on paper 8.5″ x 11″

From a nightmare that has recurred since my 20’s. An old man emerges from a dark basement, running on all fours, and biting out chunks of skin.

I’ve felt horribly unproductive lately, ever since they started me on Celexa. I thought an anti-depressant might not bother me as much as the anti-psychotics do, but it’s been two weeks and today is the first day I haven’t felt tired all the time. Anyone else have any experience with this stuff? 4 things I’m determined to get back to: art/music, exercise, and meditation.


3 thoughts on “The Biting Man – pastels

  1. Love your artwork; it sounds/looks a horrid dream. Some antidepressants give me terrible dreams, unbelievably vivid. Oddly enough, the meds I’m now on have no dreaming side effects. I hope your meds settle soon. I haven’t heard of Celexa


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