Walls (pastels)

“Walls” pastel, 8.5″ x 11″

Energies collect within spaces, making them psychic entities unto themselves. It’s just a sense I have. It’s no secret amongst my more occultish friends that I refer to our building as “the Qlippothic Cesspool” and I’m only being kinda-sorta tongue in cheek when I do it. But I don’t know if this image is about that particular space. This is somewhere else. And our beautiful Morningstar has emerged as a radiant Goddess to clean house of anything unwanted.

Morningstar crossed over yesterday morning. She was a gorgeous ratty with silver-blue fur and a white blaze on her head (hence her name). She’d been designated as a feeder because of a slightly crooked head, but a pet store employee noticed her and adopted her out to us. There was a caveat that she may not live as long as other rats, but we wanted to give her a happy life while she was here.


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