“Waterspout” – pastel

“Waterspout” pastel on paper, 11″ x 14″

Because this is a larger piece of paper, it took me two sessions to complete. (Also because I’ve been spending more time on the pieces recently, with shaky adherence to the art-therapy-theme-of-the-week.) I began this the Thursday before last. Sunday afternoon, after returning from a group art show in Jersey City our friend Tamara was in, I walked into Abue’s apartment to see footage of tornadoes on the television screen. It seemed multiple tornadoes had touched down that afternoon in various parts of the Midwest.

But those were land tornadoes. Mine is a waterspout.

Another guy in group, who initially grew up in Michigan, says the tornadoes were strange because it’s kind of late in the season for them. Apparently they’re more of a summer thing?

I still remember a couple of years back a freak tornado ripping through Brooklyn. Not only did it flood the ground floor room we were initially staying in here, it also uprooted some of the trees in Maria Hernandez Park nearby, which was sad.


2 thoughts on ““Waterspout” – pastel

  1. It is odd for tornadoes to show up in November but they have been known to make more fall appearances in recent years. I LOVE this piece so much.


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