“War For The Dream” Pop-Up Art Show

Peter Missing displayJenny Gonzalez-Blitz displayMissing/Cyril MazarJohnny BizarreJohnny Bizarre printRobert Carrithers
Darryl LaVareDarryl LaVareEileen DosterArt ConnoisseurArt-Scene

On December 12th, a small group of us ventured out to Ave. A to do a pop-up art show organized by Pete Missing. After being chased from a construction site and briefly run down the do’s and don’ts of public art display by an uncharacteristically helpful cop, the show took shape. With myself, Darryl LaVare, Johnny Bizarre, Peter Missing, Cyril Mazar, Robert Carithers, and Eileen Doster, who offered to bring everyone tea. Funniest moment: despite the sidewalk having a clear path, two disgruntled yuppies, upset by a clown who’d shown up (apparently a friend of Johnny’s) grumbled “Do WE have a right to walk on this side walk?”

Of course you do. You’re just mad that the rest of us have a right to use it as well.


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