Sky Shrooms & Pink Rays

SkyShrooms by Jenny Devil Doll
SkyShrooms, a photo by Jenny Devil Doll on Flickr.

Here’s a photomanipulation I did, though the mushrooms growing at the top of the tree were something I actually saw. I’m off track right now with art I’ve been wanting to post or stuff I’ve wanted to address…I’ve been going through this relapse, feelings of paranoia, self-medication. I think I’ve been embarrassing myself. Yesterday I was waiting to meet Eric for lunch where he said to go, but he has a twisted ligament now in what he calls his “good” leg. (The one not affected by the birth trauma.) So it took him an hour and a half to get there, 3 avenues away. I sat drawing a picture, having coffee and any time the waitress asked me if I wanted to order I said, “No I’m waiting for my husband.” As time went on I began to notice I could get people’s thoughts, which were emanating from their heads in melon-pink rays. “Crazy delusional bitch, I bet this “husband” she’s waiting on is imaginary, too.” We know the owners of the place, and the wife of the couple was totally fine letting me sit and wait. She knows us, and knows Eric sometimes has trouble getting around. But so many strangers had these pink rays around their heads…
I have to go take care of Abuelita now. I don’t have time to write anything more. I’ll try to post a comic or a drawing or something later.


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