Night Of Pan in the 99 Cent Store.

NOX by Jenny Devil Doll
NOX, a photo by Jenny Devil Doll on Flickr.

Saw these letters arranged in a 99 cent store where I was buying household supplies. Someone’s idea of a prank, or simply synchronicity?

” O! the heart of N.O.X. the Night of Pan.
PAN: Duality: Energy: Death.
Death: Begetting: the supporters of O!
To beget is to die; to die is to beget.
Cast the Seed into the Field of Night.
Life and Death are two names of A.
Kill thyself.
Neither of these alone is enough.”
-Crowley, Book Of Lies

While I can’t say I experienced a dissolution of ego and oneness with all upon seeing it, I thought it was pretty amusing.


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