“Tarija” – watercolor crayon

9″ x 12″ watercolor crayon on paper

Eric as Bou Jeloud/Pan/Baphomet…an amalgam. There’s overlay…

From an interview with Jajouka  Master musician Bachir Attar:

“Pan is a long, long story. This man he show up in a mountain in a cave many, many years ago. Attar was with this goat in this cave. He playing the flute. This man show up from the cave, half-goat, half-man, maybe he’s a devil but these sounds bring him. Attar got scared but he said “No, don’t be scared. I am Bou Jeloud, the father of the skin. They love the sounds and they want you to play more and they want to dance but I want to give you some lessons. This music is called Bou Jeloudia. It’s for people to dance, it’s free dance.” This was how was the connection for Bou Jeloud and Attar. He taught him this music we call Bou Jeloudia and he kept. And many, many pieces in here. You play one level and then you jump to another. “


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