5/20/2011 La La Land – “Mi Vida Loca”

Just a random assortment of occurrences. When we were able to get some light in the garage, it turned out the stench came not from a spiteful person taking a shit in there, but from a spiteful person who had left a mold-infested pot in the center filled with various unidentifiable rotting substances. Had it been the porn-addicted acrobat? The man who tried to talk me out of shoveling the front door after the early 2011 blizzard? (Before I started making journal comics, alas.) The speed-ravaged farm boy? The Man In The Yellow Hat? Who the hell knows?

I did learn this though. Spiders swinging in the manner I saw that one do? It’s apparently part of the web spinning process: http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071106115535AABRTc7


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