“5 Myths About Mental Illness” from Cracked

As a kid, much of my allowance went to Mad, and it’s imitators Cracked and Crazy(if you could find a newsstand that carried it, for some reason it didn’t seem as ubiquitous as the other two.) These days Cracked online has banished Sylvester P. Smythe and largely devoted itself to list-icles the often contain varying degrees of insight to them. Here’s one that tackles common beliefs about mental illness and the options for treating it, at least in the United States. (And yes I’m aware of the irony of all 3 magazines having names that are slang terms for mental illness.)


Of course, comedy is still comedy and the article does have some hyperbole in it. (Psych meds are like “chasing the dragon?” Really? Really? Maybe klonopin kinda-sorta.)

Ok then, lady.


6 thoughts on ““5 Myths About Mental Illness” from Cracked

  1. the interesting thing about being labelled a nut job is it can set you free.through no choice of your own you become un-beholden to culture at large…it throws you down a path where you have to think for yourself…it’s like living in a nice ‘supposably’ run down area that the gentry haven’t been able to claim yet,and the people who live there can be kind and sweet,even if they are as unpredictable as the so called sane ones living uptown.there’s no glory in being labelled a nut job,but at the same time,there are worse things.

    sanity..unless,it’s killers and chaos queens,it’s mostly subjective.


    • Sure, it’s a good article for someone who’s maybe never thought about the culturally assumed beliefs. And being on Cracked as opposed to a mental health blog or psychology site may be seen by people who wouldn’t normally seek out that kind of information.


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