Sitting in astronomy class

Anxiety would rake it’s ragged talons

Down the insides of my throat and torso

As I pondered to constant expansive motion

of the Universe

And the moth-like inward spirallings of

the planets toward the Sun, itself

Destined for supernova suicide

Taking us out with it.

But now I’ve given myself over

To the Universal All and Nothing

Pangenitor/Pangenetrix they smiled shrugged and said

“Those things scared you because you yourself

Were fighting for your place in the scheme of things

Against the countless whispers and bellows of those

who wanted to determine it for you, at their convenience,

and you mistook All and Nothing

As two separate things. You thought you would be further lost.

It doesn’t make you panic anymore.

Instead you know you’ll be further free.”

images: “A Star” – Forrest Bess

“The Universe” – Thoth Tarot Deck, art by Lady Freida Harris


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