Friday Night: The NYC Gong Show (with Astral Knife)

Somewhere in my unconscious mind there may be a repressed memory that looks like this. Or it may have been erased since the host of the Gong Show apparently claimed to moonlight as a C.I.A. assassin.

“The Gong Show” is something my parents may remember more clearly than I do, since they were the ones who would put it on for red-eyed hazy viewing entertainment. The fact that I recall it as something my parents did when they were actually still with one another tells you how long ago this must have been.

But looking at the above image, it makes perfect sense that our pal Johnny Bizarre would revive it, even if for only one night, at Old Man Hustle at 39 Essex Street. What makes less sense perhaps, is that after watching us at Theater For The New City subject a bunch of comics folks to distortion, clanging metal, Gunter Brus footage and lyrics about the power of my genitalia to destroy society*, he invited me, Eric, and La Femme Natal to perform at it. Not as one of the “contestants” (though if anyone wants to gong us, we’ll happily gong back). Just perform at it. Meanwhile, if you wanna sign up for the open mike/contest part, the celebrity judges will be Rev. Jen & Clown Kong.

*I’m reading “Eros & Civilization” by Herbert Marcuse. It’s filling my head with these ideas.

So the three of us will. We’re performing under the name Astral Knife.

“Astral Knife”

We don’t have a flyer or a publicity shot. We have a silly-ass selfie taken at that free Psychic TV gig in December. I’m trying to write self-promotion with some serious sleep deprivation happening, given that a recording session for an upcoming World War 3 event wound up going till 3 AM last night and we had to get up and do stuff today anyway. Though at least part of that involved stumbling into a really great exhibit of 70’s-80’s Puerto Rican artists at the Latino Cultural Center on 105th & Lexington. Still, if sleep deprivation continues? It can only make whatever happens on stage even more unreal for me.


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