5/21/11 La La Land

Yeah, remember when the Rapture was supposed to happen? Then there was the end of the Mayan Calander, which some simplistically read as the “end of the world”, though my understanding was that it was more supposed to indicate the beginning of a major paradigm shift in consciousness.

Or maybe they just ran out of room to carve stuff.

Along those lines (meaning “shift in consciousness”  rather than “harbinger of doom”) some Thelemites are regarding the coming Vernal Equinox – March 20th- as the start of the Era Of The Hierophant, in terms of a series of cyclical “eras” characterized by the Atu of the Thoth Tarot deck. This will be an era of external and inner teachers, reflection and seeking wisdom.

Not nearly as dramatic-sounding as the promise of Ragnarok that others believed was supposed to happen on February 22nd of this year. But that day came and went before you could even cue up a playlist of black metal and Wagner, and not a Fenrir in sight.

As for my poster defacing activities, in 2011 a number of posters went up purporting to sell a “cure” for hepatitis-C. Although some people consider themselves as “cured” when their numbers drop to undetectable, it’s not quite the same thing. It’s not gone.  Relapse is possible. And although as of late 2013 promising new treatments have emerged (at rage-fuelingly obscene prices however), at the time it wasn’t the case. I also found it somewhat telling that anytime I scrawled LIES or MENTIRAS across them, depending on the language the poster was in, I’d get a smile and a thumbs up from at least one complete stranger. How many people have an emotional stake in this???

Within a few months though, those posters disappeared, replaced by the “C”-hiding-behind-the-blue-brick wall poster NY commuters may be more familiar with. These posters instead said it was “treatable”, and urged people to have themselves tested. I don’t consider this a game of semantics. I genuinely consider it a matter of meaning and context.


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