Here’s A Find

This photo, from the LA Museum of Punk, was taken by Tequila Mockingbird. And that’s Eric at the table, messing with his sunglasses. This was around the time he was playing with Kommunity FK & Los Putos Locos. (as was KFK frontman Pat Mata, also at the table.) Eric identified a few of the other people in the image as Big Ed and Andi(of Snap Her & Nina Hagen’s band), and the two others we’re unsure. I’ll certainly edit this if anyone can provide me with their identities.

It was a bit bittersweet for Eric seeing this photo surface yesterday, because in the course of it making the rounds, he learned that Big Ed, who he hadn’t seen in about a decade, had crossed over. Big Ed had been a friend, roadie and stage manager.

Anyway. Commence with your bitchy comments about how Kommunity FK was goth not punk. I don’t care, I just like seeing old pictures of Eric.

It’s been a draining day, emotionally and literally. As in, our rescue cat Lux had to go to the vet to get a hematoma in his right ear drained. This can happen due to ear mites, or a scratch/bite that doesn’t heal correctly, or according to the Internet, sometimes it just happens for reasons that are unclear. This seems to be Lux’s situation, since they said a test revealed no ear mites. The inner flap of the ear fills with blood and puffs up like a constantly irritating little water balloon on the cat’s head, and needs to be surgically drained. It’s a very quick procedure though, and Lux is back home recuperating now.

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