Snow & Dirt

So we may get another snow today. Ok, technically it’s still winter for three more days. I’m not one for acting astonished when winter gets cold and snowy in the American northeast. One thing I will note though- as lovely as a pristine snowfall covering the city can be when it happens, in the aftermath it quickly gives way to dangerous icy patches on sidewalks & streets and piles of dirty, grey tinged slush. But then again, some interesting things can happen in the formations of those piles. So here’s a few images from the last major snowfall we had that I took and then played around with.

A discarded cigarette, encased in ice.

An ice bridge over a grotto (actually miniscule).

A pile of slush as an alien landscape.

Well, hey, it sure beats a lengthy post about my travails at the pharmacist last night, though I’m sure there will eventually be a comic strip about it.

But keeping with the theme of, if not snow, dirt, and in honor of Stooges’ drummer Scott Asheton crossing over, here’s The Stooges “Dirt”


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