5/22/11 Living In La-La Land: Satan’s Answering Machine

Yeah, in my opinion Bob did go a little overboard with a vocoder, but what else? I was a lot less confident back when this gig took place doing this kind of improvisational, experimental type thing. I think if I found myself in the same situation now, I’d be able to roll with it a little more. I was still transitioning from being the garagey-punk band lead singer with a set of rehearsed songs to pure dissolution of sound. (I still am transitioning.)Still, it was fun, and a growth experience for me as a performer.

But Wolf Eyes! They do it like this. Simple yet artfully executed. Watch & learn.

What else? I have to get some pieces together for this intersectional feminist art event this weekend called Yeah, That’s What She Said.I just sent in my bio. The bios of some of the other contributors look really fierce! I think this will be a really strong show. Also, Astral Knife is gigging again Saturday night at Old Man Hustle. During the week I’ll make some proper entries with more info on both those things.

2 thoughts on “5/22/11 Living In La-La Land: Satan’s Answering Machine

    • Yeah, aren’t Wolf Eyes amazing?

      I’m really looking forward to this art show. I’m familiar with a couple of the other artists on it, and some of the others sound really cool from their descriptions.


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