Contributor Copies. I Love ‘Em.

Yesterday Eric & I picked up our contributor copies of the You’re Crazy Vol. 1: First-Hand Accounts of Mental Illness, Addiction, and Trauma from the Punk Scene book at our P.O. box! I’ve talked about this book and it’s editor Craig Lewis before. But it always feels so good to not only know you’re published in something, but that you’re holding a hard copy of it right in your hands. Top that, internet.

Really,  we were much more excited and happy about it than we look here. Honestly. It’s hard to to take a selfie while holding a book on the subway at the end of a very long multiple errand-and-appointment kind of day. That’s all. Maybe this lovely book is better showcased by the Purple Wheel Gang:

Yeah, that’s better. The Purple Wheel Gang endorses this book. It’s a 5-yogie read. Also, Yesod (on the bottom) suspects it probably tastes good too.

Since I had to meet with my counselor yesterday, I showed him my copy. He said some of the acrostic stuff I was doing with the type layout reminded him of writings by John Cage…

(TW for partial description of rape, and self-injury)


I’d actually been inspired to do some of those mini-poem things by seeing how Kathy Acker played with language and text in her books some time back, and in lieu of being able to include illustrations, I thought they could work like little graphics that show how things get stuck in your head, become part of your consciousness and these thoughts are always becoming inter-layered with each other or something, I dunno. Anyway when I was done Eric told me over lunch that Kathy Acker had been a student of John Cage anyway. So there is that.

In addition to You’re Crazy, I just got an email before I sat down to write this saying that the collected Occupy Comics book from Black Mask is hitting comic shops this week. My Santa Muerte-Vs.-The-1% illustration is included in it! Also, if you click through on the link above, you can more info on that book, and see samples of a previously unreleased collaboration between Amanda Palmer and David Mack.


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