Yeah, That’s What She Said. Art Show

In case I don’t get to share the invite for this tomorrow (because I’ll be spending the afternoon helping to get the space ready & hang the show), here’s the flyer for Yeah, That’s What She Said, an Intersectional Feminist weekend long event, with an art show focusing on the theme of “The Personal Is Political”. That’s a theme that re-occurs in what I do a lot anyway, because it’s a theme that I’m frequently reminded of just by existing. So yeah, I have work in. It’s at 195 Ave. C, on the corner of 12th. An emptied out bodega that’s been converted into a community art center, it can’t be missed because it’s the building with the big mural of Gil Scott- Heron on the side. (Next to a mural of some characters that I think are from Naruto or something like that, don’t ask me what the correlation is.)

For more info on Yeah, That’s What She Said, visit their tumblr:



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