Psychic Harm Cut-Up

This is a piece I put together for the “Yeah, That’s What She Said” show. I figured the “Psychic Harm Reduction” story that ran in World War 3 fit the theme  of “personal is political” they were looking for with an “emphasis on confessional expression”, but I also wanted to do something besides just stick comic pages on a wall. So I tried to take a memoir and treat it like memories, the way memories are often a constantly whirling jumble of recalled images or sounds or impressions that just swirl around your consciousness. Sometimes something happens, or you hear a certain song, or run into someone, whatever, that brings one in sharper focus than the others, for a time.

Besides, if anyone wants to read it as a linear narrative they can always get the World War 3 issue. 🙂

So it’s on display at Specials on C, along with two of the smaller acrylic pieces I made last year. I’m happy, but wiped out. I spent the day helping to get the space together and cleaned up in time for the opening party. The other artists who were there all seemed like a cool bunch of folks. We only stayed for part of the opening party though, because by that time I was kind of spent.

And yeah, I told you there was a mural of Gil Scott-Heron on the side of the building. Nice, huh? There’s also cartoon of Putin from some magazine with various obscenities scrawled on it in the bathroom, but I didn’t bother getting a picture of that.

P.S. I got my contributor copy of the collected Occupy Comics book at the post yesterday, the day after I mentioned it!

And with that, I just want to go shower so Eric & I can lie in bed & watch Boondocks cartoons.



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