“Hide Your Sanism And Act Like You Have Two Brain Cells To Rub Together”

I saw this shirt over at Pride In Madness blog. Now she can do quite an eloquent deconstruction of stuff like this, and how the stereotypes about mental illness intersect with good old fashioned sexism.

Me I see something that strikes me as asinine, and I just fuck with it.

For the record I realize that Family Guy is no plethora of progressive thought itself, but there’s something kind of appealing to me about Consuela’s utter, languid disinterest in doing anything the white cast wants her to. Also, I’ve heard Seth McFarlane is collaborating on a show with Lalo Alcaraz. Is frat-boy humor about to get an upside-the-head from smart & politicized? Fingers crossed.

In. addition to the discussion over at Pride In Madness, I discovered while googling the shirt image that it’s a line from some country song where a mother gives said stupid advice to her daughter who’s been causin’ a ruckus all over town flipping out after a breakup. Because if a woman is upset about anything, it’s gotta be a guy-related thing, right? (eyeroll). Let’s not even bother having a serious discussion about mental health, or any other type of problem for that matter. And as for the Mama in the song, it’s not her daughter’s well being she’s concerned about. It’s the fact that her behavior has the neighbors talking! Can’t have that! The lyrics even concede as much about the older woman’s attitude.

I can hear her now sayin’ she ain’t gonna have it
Don’t matter how you feel, it only matters how you look

To be fair, other parts of the lyrics suggest the narrator disagrees with this point of view (“Sometimes revenge is a choice you gotta make”) and that her experience is about her own feelings, not anyone else’s. The lyrics in their entirety can even be looked at as a counterpoint to “hide your crazy and act like a lady”. The song’s narrator isn’t buying it. But apparently, given that that’s the line for sale on t-shirts, everybody else is. iQue lastima!


4 thoughts on ““Hide Your Sanism And Act Like You Have Two Brain Cells To Rub Together”

  1. Just don’t say it to that singer’s mama I guess.This is still the classic of mental health country songs:

    Apparently it was about Porter Wagoner’s time in Nashville’s Parkville Sanitorium. I love that it goes out on a clang…


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