Yeah, That’s What She Said pics

Yeah, I only took about 9 photos, and it took my this long to get them all up online. No, I don’t have Instagram. I don’t even have a “smart” phone. Chaos reigns.
YTWSS Wall 01

Here’s one of the walls…

Grace Mateo Live Painting

Here’s artist Grace Mateo doing a live painting aktion with a paintbrush inserted into a strap-on. Sorry I cut off part of her face in this picture, there was a pretty big crowd around this.

Opening Party 01

Here’s a crowd forming early on.


Me with one of my pieces (photo by Eric Blitz)

You can see the rest of the set here:

We didn’t stay late because I’d spent much of the day helping get things ready and was kind of spent by the time the opening party rolled round.

It’s been a strange couple of days since we learned of the crossing over of Leee Black Childers. For Eric, Leee was one of the first people he encountered when he came to New York in 1977, though he had met him previously at a Johnny Thunders gig in Kentucky(the state both he and Leee escaped from, amongst other luminaries…). I met Leee on the tail end of the 90’s, when Mz. Pakman was playing some of the shows at the flame-ensconced, Warhol interior-decorated Gershwin hotel. He was always nice enough to a schizo-affective and drug addled girl who had never sang in a band before and was just figuring it out as she went along.

Here’s a photo from a time we played one of Leee’s birthday parties at Don Hill’s…and were introduced to his vivacious and longtime friend (and way more legendary punk rocker than anyone else in this photo) Jayne County.


I’m mad sweaty because my idea of performing a gig a the time included jumping and writing all over like a maniac cranked up on herbal speed…not that anyone’s endorsing herbal speed here. Stupid FDA outlawed it anyway.

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