Sobek Pill-Popping

Nedjr collage

…because he’s basic.

At least that’s how I explained it in art therapy when asked “why does the crocodile have a mouth full of pills?”

And yes he can be. He also can be martial, a protector who wards off the dangers of the Nile (you know, like crocodiles?), and in later dynasties took on some healing aspects, so depending on your take on medication, any of the above can be hammered in to apply.

Then again, the Kemetic festivals of Bast (the cat goddess) were known for lots and lots of drunkenness, so I probably could have glued a few substances in her mouth too.

Personally, I’ve always tended to fret over whether psych meds might help or hinder my connection with the Macrocosm. Hell, some of them, especially in the overdoses some doctors have given me in the past, have messed with my ability to connect to anything that was more than a half a block away. Not. Good.

So far I’ve been finding on very low doses, combined with meditative and yoga practices and other types of energy work in a more tantric vein, I’m able to keep my connections  open without getting lost in them.


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