Philter Phreak

Since it probably wouldn’t do for someone in a sobriety program to post “Happy 420” imagery, here’s something for those who celebrate Easter or Ostara (which is observed around the Vernal Equinox, but better late than never.)

Also, this is a response to fellow blogger Don Charisma’s  digital painting prompt. This is done completely digitally, the method is somewhat similar to the Zentangle meditative method. I don’t know if employing every filter my Photoshop software has to offer would be considered “striving for perfection”, but really, I just like playing with filters, polarizing lil’ features that they are.. Also, artists don’t really have “instructions”, we have “suggestions.” 😉



13 thoughts on “Philter Phreak

  1. I really like this. Really cool. Even though you can’t post a 4/20 image, Happy 4/20 anyway. I wish you the best on your road to sobriety. Keep up the good work. Your artwork is incredible.


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