The Mystery Of The Missing Meds

Damn, I do not lead a Nancy Drew kind of life.

I picked up my prescriptions after taking care of Abue last night and I just noticed the bag is in it’s spot of the shelf, but the bottles are not. So apparently the cats can get up there and bat things around. Which means instead of doing a check-in blog post about how our gig went with Man Vs. Nature and Rubber (O) Cement, or Craig’s talk at MoRus, I will now be turning this room upside down looking for the pill bottles that MUST be in here somewhere.

And of course those of you with cats know that of course they pretty much ignore the actual toys I bought for them to play with, instead making playthings out of my drugs. šŸ™‚ In the meantime please enjoy this electro urban teddy bear, spotted in Hell’s Kitchen.


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