Some Kind Of Check-In

The most blankness is how to begin. Last night in a Klonopin dream haze I curled up against Eric watching Burst City on YouTube without the benefit of subtitles…there’s a story, I hear. Yakuza, punks, and zombies all duking it out in some post-Apocalypse. I’m lost in color and flashes and the amazing AMAZING soundtrack…for all I know this could be Japan’s answer to Jubilee, another visually dazzling punk post-apocalypse without a single engaging character except perhaps for John Dee, who seems to have used Enochian Magick to time travel into a meandering narrative. But enough Jubilee, I was talking about Burst City, which we were compelled to hunt down after meeting with Craig Lewis and his very sweet partner Michelle Friday for his Punk Mental Health talk at MoRus. He gave us a collection of assorted music zines, one on Japanese punk and noize in particular, given my recent fixation with Hijokaidan, G.I.S.M., etc. that mentioned the movie. And we took him to Veselka to try the miracle that is L.E.S. Polish-Ukranian diner perogies.

Our show opening for Rubber (O) Cement as part of Man Vs. Nature went well in hindsight, despite the general unsettled energy in the air, despite some of the more yuppity audience members and a very short-tempered rockabilly girl-ish bartender’s annoyance with my flinging water-soluble paint everywhere (hey, Rubber (O) Cement flung a chair and e part threw a dead fish into the audience. So really, I’m being nice!) I got to debut the used violin I purchased on a whim, contact miked to a delay pedal. (Sadly, I haven’t had time to practice with it since then). And while I haven’t seen any video surface yet of Man Vs. Nature, here’s Rubber (O) Cement from that night.

Beyond all this? I’m working on practicing Mindfulness (as a part of DBT) as a way to cope with anxiety and mood swings, and also to become more attentive to detail in what I do. I’ll be honest, it’s been rocky. I can focus when I do things like meditate, but other times I’m completely daydreaming. Yet I can’t daydream up a story for this one page comic I’m supposed to get done, despite a page full of preliminary character sketches and ideas. In the meantime, here’s a photo I took of Eric and Yesod:

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