Mindfulness & Noize?

The practice of  “mindfulness”… it tends to conjure someone sitting in peaceful reflection to a CD of serene New Age music or perhaps the pre-recorded sounds of a bubbling waterfall or whale calls or something.

Or… someone creating a textured wall of what most would consider harsh noize?

The above is a recent performance by Hiroshi Hasegawa (of Astro C.C.C.C.) It’s harsh. It’s dissonant. Half the audience, banging their heads and making devil horns, seems to have decided this is the new heavy metal. It’s not, but what it is is totally in the moment. And that’s how this kind of thing is best experienced, totally in the moment. It’s a ritual where my mind just follows layers of sound being sculpted.

And though I couldn’t say if this was the intent of such sound artists, in that way this type of soundscaping connects for me to the DBT/mindfulness practices I’ve been working on.

Oh, and no disrespect to waterfalls or whale calls, those are cool. You know the kind of thing I was trying to get at.


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