Fellow Mental Health Bloggers…

How can I help someone who I think may hurt themselves (and not just in a releasing self-harm way) but only know through WordPress? Some of you may have also seen what I’m referring to.


11 thoughts on “Fellow Mental Health Bloggers…

  1. I read the same post, although a day to late. It’s horrible not knowing what is happening and facing the fact that we may never know…


    • Yeah. I talked to my counselor a bit about it this morning, and what’s happening with an art colleague of mine, but then I got a call that my Grandmother fell this morning and so I had to rush up there. It seems like there’s this flood of bad things happening to people and I’m not sure why all at once, but it’s pretty disturbing.


  2. Jenny, I just read Schizo’s post–he’s a day ahead of the states where I am. I have no idea that there is a thing we can do–it’s a horrible feeling.


      • I just looked at his posts on twitter- he said he took every pill in the house following that wp blog post. 😦


      • No idea. He was tweeting from midnight the night before saying it was ” time” to get things ready. Then he tweeted that he’d just written his goodbye letters on WP, the next said he’d just taken every pill in the house and the next said he was sweating, clammy, not afraid to die… That was it. We can only hope he is in the hospital now…


  3. I don’t know if you’re talking about suicide, but I would guess that serious self-harm falls into a similar category. When I was certain I wanted to end it all, I think the thing that helped the most was calling a crisis line. I made a post about it but my post is very Seattle-oriented, but there’s bigger lists on wikipedia. http://comixxenblog.wordpress.com/2013/11/12/theres-help-sometimes-its-even-free/ I think messages from concerned people saying ‘Please don’t, I think you’re awesome’ helped, although it didn’t do as much concrete help as the emergency nurse I called, somewhere in there it grounded me a bit. Most hotlines seem to talk about suicide but include serious emotional distress as well. http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/


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