Louis Wain Transmissions From Beyond


Louis Wain was a wonderful Victorian era illustrator who’s specialty was cats. While his more straightforward paintings of cats engages in various anthropomorphic activities were certainly full of charm, he is also very known for the more psychedelic and charged images he created of them as he progressed into schizophrenia.

The portrait studio in the Port Authority subway? Well, it’s certainly entertaining, but I’m not sure if “wonder” and “charm” spring to mind.

A brief biography can be found at a site called schizlife.com , along with some other artist’s biographies in the “artwork” section.

I’m slowly adjusting to this new routine of being at Abue’s 7 days a week, either for a day or evening shift. I don’t have access to the internet there, but I’ve found other things I can get done. Drawing. Reading. Exercise. Meditation. Violin practice. I’m working on first position fingering. I seriously aim to learn to play the thing, not just in a sound collage context! Though I’m also eager to test it out in this effects pedal Eric got as an early birthday gift.

I’m also working on the looming deadline for a one page comic for an art magazine. With…fictional characters and events! Haven’t done that in a while. Still intend to keep doing Living In La La Land, though the days a lot happen worth writing about are the days I don’t have time to do it, more often than not.

I feel like I’ve weathered the worst of the upheavals last week. It’s left me tired, but on the plus side I sleep deeply and have odd vivid dreams. Last night I dreamt I was watching a version of “The Warriors” which was the audio of the original film, but re-shot frame by frame featuring a cast of trained animals as all the characters, dressed in all the different gang costumes, the works. Now all day I’ve kind of been wanting that to really be a thing.






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