Pronoblem With The Pixies

So our friend Pronoblem, who we’ve performed with as part of Urchestra and on his project Satan’s Answering Machine has almost always appeared in any variety of mythical creature masks and bodysuits… and they’ve made their way into a video for the new Pixies material!

Pronoblem has appeared in a couple of Living In La La Land strips in his various masked incarnations.

So fun that I choose to envision him in them off stage as well. This comic even says as much:

John Landino created a number of these things:

The video itself is quite dreamlike and utilizes these dada creations with a nice psychological subtext. It was definitely a high point of my day to see them appear in this. Definitely a better surprise than learning of the death of Rik Mayall, being that The Young Ones is one of my all time favorite TV shows and Rick (the character he played, not Mayall himself) just such an awkward, spot-on skewering of a certain personality type. I mean, face it, every socially inept “misunderstood poet/artist with leftier-than-thou leanings” is just a little bit Rick. (Hopefully not too much though, cuz’ he could be a complete bastard :p )



2 thoughts on “Pronoblem With The Pixies

  1. Such a bummer about Rik Mayall today. I am pretty sure I remember hanging at your place and watching The Young Ones… definitely an influence for people like us at that age. 🙂


    • Completely. I definitely remember us watching it. He was also pretty versatile, he did stuff like The Young Ones and Bottom and all, but he also did stuff like productions of King Lear…


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