Friday The 13th – Lucky For Me!

Why? 13? The traditional number of a coven of witches? 1+3=4=Tetragammatron? I dunno. I just feel like anything that’s that irrationally feared, maligned, and projected onto the Other by status quo society has gotta be a good thing for me. Bring on the black cats while we’re at it!

Messing around in art therapy. I’ll have some better paintings up soon. In the near future planning ahead for some Astral Knife recording, Eric playing at the World War 3 Anthology release party, and a reading I’m giving later this month at Pete’s Candy Store with some other people.

But first I need to get a laundry done, clean the rat cage, all the kind of stuff I haven’t had a chance to do since Abue’s needed extra care.


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