Oh The Places I’ll Go – Patreon & the Recording Studio

I only have a vague understanding of how Patreon works, but I signed up for one anyway.


If I’m going to beg online (and since I’m not good enough at violin yet to busk on the subway, I shall beg online) this seems a better way to go than Kickstarter or Indie Gogo at the moment, as I’m trying to continuously build a body of work, rather than just fund one particular event or project (though  have some things in mind for the future too.) Perhaps donations will help towards the printing of zines or the pressing of CD’s or vinyl, replacing supplies from drawing ink to violin strings…all that little art damaged minutia.

Beyond that it’s off to pick up my pills and another 6 hour recording studio stint for Astral Knife. We’ve doing our best to take advantage of this window of time La Femme Natal has free studio access, though Saturday’s session was pretty chaotic, and not in the good noize-art way. More in the seriously-disorganized double-booked control-room-malfunctions way.

Display protesting human rights abuses in China, set up in the Times Sq. area.




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