call of the wild

This was written by johnpoetflanagan, I strongly suggest you check out his blog and other writings. This poem however, reminds me of the leap of faith I took when I finally gave in to the compulsion, ran after my own drummer and returned to wildness.


can’t you hear the drumbeat throbbing
through the grass beyond the trees?
its rhythm’s cool concealed insistence
warbles wildly on the breeze

doesn’t the slap of hand on tambour
heighten pleasure prick your pain
excite the coursing blood within you
start a somersault in your brain?

listen! the pattern’s drawing closer
edging toward the timber line
hands are faster feet are pounding
chests are heaving theirs and mine

will it take till full disclosure
before you embrace this ancient dance
before your eyes and ears are open
to this frenzied fired romance?

too late to ask why hesitation
they’ve already reached the lawn
colours brilliant movements splendid
forming circles in the dawn

see their urgings watch their gestures
the invitation’s pure and true
to join them in their celebration
of the wedding of old and new

it is as one this exhibition
drum and body beat and breast
no concern…

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