Pastels, 12″ x 9″

TOPIC: What’s wrong in the environment (and how to change it, which I didn’t get to cuz’ these things are only an hour.)

Yuppie Pig fucks and fracks his way deep into the city bedrock. His oily black semen and nuclear piss cause the rising up of unaffordable luxury high rises, creating a dystopian Hell which is compounded as the radioactive waters surrounding Fukushima rise above ground level.

Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


I’ve been noticing more and more ads in the subways or things on the internet lately using phrases like “New York Tough” “Like A Real New Yorker”, “Ask A Native New Yorker”…New Yorker this, New Yorker that. As a native born New Yorker, one of those jingoistically proud-as-fuck New Yorkers, I find it kind of ironic that most of these ads are not for products or services I or anyone I know uses. Well ok, there was one for dish detergent. Yes it’s true. We New Yorkers wash our dishes, that is, when we’re not elbowing our way down a crowded sidewalk while downing a slice of pizza, pretzel, Sabretts or other finger food, and snapping “Hey I’m walkin’ heah!” between bites. But I realize, these ads are not targeted at me. Or my Dad, or my husband, or my friends. They’re targeted at young, affluent transplants who market researchers must have determined are becoming self-conscious about their bumbling lack of cred. And in keeping with one of the key illusions of consumer capitalist based systems, they want these transplants to believe the answer to their insecurity lies not in adapting to their new home and learning about it, but in spending money on specific products. This isn’t just about “being a New Yorker”. The ad world is full of empty promises that using shampoo or make-up endorsed by a celebrity will make you look like that celebrity, that buying the same gear your favorite musician uses will make you sound just like them, that wearing the right type of sneaker will make you a pro athlete. Of course I’m stating the obvious by saying that buying things won’t make you an instant model, rock star, quarterback, or what have you.

I just think it’s funny that they’re doing it with the idea of New Yorkers now.


2 thoughts on “Frack/Fv©|<

  1. Well it’s a lot of these trust fund kids who’ve come here from the midwest or Cali, and instead of adapting New York, expected New York to adapt to their comfort level (which Bloombucks was more than happy to do). But whether it’s because he’s history, or because of that rant Spike Lee made — which was understandable, I’m very protective of my own elder’s housing safety. But anyway, I think it’s now they suddenly want their “stamp of authenticity” and as advertisers will always do, they’re trying to convince them they’ll get it by what they spend their money on.


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