Dude, Where’s My Klonopin?

I know where it isn’t, that’s for sure. While most of the clientele at my clinic would be more anxious about a dirty piss test, I’m having trouble because mine are too clean.
Namely, the Klonopin I take every night hasn’t been showing up, leading the higher ups to suspect possible non-compliance (though I’m there of my own volition and not a court mandate) or selling or even giving out the stuff.
Which I wouldn’t do. Honestly. I’m enjoying these too much. Not that that’s the proper answer either, I fear.
I don’t understand why this is happening though, honestly. All I could offer was that I drink a lot of water, that I make it a goal to drink 8 or more glasses a day, not only for the health benefits but because well…I’m on Klonopin. Two possible side effects – frequent urination and dehydration.
“Maybe it’s the apple cider vinegar you put in the water” Dad suggested when I mentioned the problem to him.
“Maybe.” I only add one capful to water daily, but neither of us were going to split hairs over the issue. We were more fixated by the issue of a big chunk of Abuelita’s roof collapsing in the kitchen leaving scattered dust, roach shells and legs, and a raw skeletal view of century-old dried wooden beams between us and the people upstairs.

And not that it’s on topic or anything, but Eric is playing with Future Blondes again in August.


2 thoughts on “Dude, Where’s My Klonopin?

  1. Hi Jenny, good drug mentioned here. 2mm of Klonopin is in my daily diet for my nerves, it’s a miracle drug for me. Hey a big congrats to Eric on Future Blondes, that’s radical. Keep us posted and good luck!


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