A Lotta Losers Ask Me…

…stuff like “How can a cripple guy satisfy you?” They may or may not be the same knuckle-draggers and botched abortions who have teased him since childhood asking if his dick is crooked. So in light of the fact that I’ve been to busy to make a real blog post, I’m here to let you know my husband is descended from this god:

And that’s why you bore me. You fill me with inertia, or you would if I wasn’t already…ANYWAY here’s some actual information on the god Min, who apparently had associations with Horus and to the Greeks, identified with Pan.


Sorry, we have an Egyptologist friend who got me on this kick.

I worship Min, I extol arm-raising Horus:
Hail to you, Min in his procession!
Tall-plumed, son of Osiris,
Born of divine Isis.
Great in Senut, mighty in Ipu
You of Coptus, Horus strong-armed,
Lord of awe who silences pride,
Sovereign of all the gods!
Fragrance laden when he comes from Medja-land,
Awe inspiring in Nubia,
You of Utent, hail and praise!


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