Annnnnd…I’m Back

…on a new computer. (Which is actually an old computer that someone more tech-savvy than I has tricked out with Linux). I’ll probably continue to use both my Blogspot account and here, because I have friends who use both platforms. Hell, I have friends that still use LiveJournal. But now that I’m able to actually work with the new WordPress, I’m realizing I’ve missed the community here, especially the mental health blogring.

Anyway, here’s an Astral Knife track we completed in the past months:

We’ve actually completed a number of them, not just what’s on the Soundcloud. More on that later.


2 thoughts on “Annnnnd…I’m Back

  1. And here’s another post from me: This Friday I’m having “An Evening of Transgressive/Militant/Direct Action feminist films as the almost-last (one more to go after this) Feminist Film Festival series that I’ve organized for WBAI. The two films are: “Born in Flames” the cult classic sci-fi fantasy of a time after a revolution when women have–again–been left out–and they form a Women’s Army to get back in. AND–I’m also showing one of the greatest feminist films I’ve ever seen–that nobody has heard of because the directors are still finishing it. It’s called “Left on Pearl” and it’s a documentary (with lots of artistic license) of a takeover/occupation of a Harvard building by women’s liberationists in 1971. It reminded me so much of squatting/occupying the abandoned school on 4rh St. in 1990 It’s really a spectacular and important film and you can only see it on Friday (Oct. 17 at 388 Atlantic Ave. go to for directions, etc. Doors open at 6 for shorts, features start at 7. It’s a benefit for WBAI but quite affordable.


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