Anatomy Of A…

collage on paper.
  I’m lost on the spectrum of socio-political ideology in this country, except for the fact that I know exactly where I am. But where that is won’t neatly fit where others would like it to be. In our last episode I outraged the “social justice warrior” (in which social justice mainly boils down to nitpicking over semantics) contingent by having the audacity to speak up and say I’ve heard the word “bossy” applied to men as well as women, and was not about to be silenced by it. (Not that I get called bossy, really. Plenty of other things, including “spicy” and “fiery” more than that. But who gives a fuck?) Going by what my stats page says, some of ’em are still hate-reading over here. Nice to know my hiatus didn’t deter them.
  Tonight? I’ve bothered a bunch of rich white transplants, friends of a friend, or clientele, can I really say? Hear hear to the small independent shop owners. I stated that I’d most certainly experienced harassment on the street from upper class white men, so much as any other kind, while they were all trying to maintain that this is only done by poor brown people. They didn’t take kindly to hearing that yes, it happens. I noticed an interesting defense being invoked repeatedly by the rich white kids though — well, if you find projection and speculation interesting. They kept insisting that rich white men were all good and above perving on women, but other men weren’t, and kept insisting that anyone who didn’t agree was simply “afraid” to say so. Ultimately, in this very solipsistic defense, there was nobody that disagreed with their worldview. Only people who were afraid to admit it. So there you go. Racists who claim to be mind-readers. Both types, the SJW’s and the reactionaries who talk as though their racism/classism is something new and daring, are two unaware sides of the same shiny, high-market value coin. But only one side seems to need to believe that their view is the only one so badly, that they’ll try to convince us all that any dissenters are just lying out of fear.
Or maybe they just know that fear is such a powerful control mechanism for so many people, it’s hard to imagine life without it?
Pencil drawing of a plague doctor mask done today in art therapy group. Would like to do a whole art series revolving around modern plagues, Eric is thinking possibly as an Astral Knife project.

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