Art On A Holiday Show

I promise not to put anything holiday themed in! Well…unless it’s Krampus cuz he’s fly like that. Or maybe some misfit toys.

So anyway, I’m flipping out in a there-may-be-new-blood-art-before-the-night-is-done way because I only just now saw James Sturm’s comic “The Sponsor”. That it could elicit such a reaction should only be taken as complimentary…it means the piece succeeds as art in a way that Kickstarters can’t measure. Some people are reading sexism into the work, because it’s two male artists discussing the success of a younger female artist. I don’t really go to that because the mediocrity who bought her way into a brief flurry of hype in the past and gloated to me about it regularly was also a woman. So while I’ll discuss gender politics in lots of things, this isn’t one of them. It’s also, on my part, old stuff, Qlipphotic bad tapes running on dross-stained, dirty felt heads. Because I’m not in that place really anymore, I’ve got enough to do creatively, and a lot of it doesn’t even center around basic survival! But a one-page comic story that evokes those emotions can put me right back into that place of hardship. Now THAT’S art.

Also, Pitchfork has put out an advance stream of Cult Of Youth’s forthcoming album, “Final Days” which Eric and other guest musicians have contributed to, in a very intense recording session.

There will also be a release party coming up this Thursday at Tres Pecos, for more info check out the event page:

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