Slop Tank Cut-Up

We came home tonight from the cold following a trail of blood, at least until it headed in a different direction from the one we needed to go. The semi-consistent pattern of dime sized red droplets extended from the subway platform, through the turnstyle, up the steps and into the night. I couldn’t say if someone had entered the subway bleeding and gotten on the train, or exited the train bleeding and headed to the street. But the little drops winked up saying “we’ll tell the truth when no one else wants to. All you have to do is look.”
This collage/cut-up has been sitting in my book for a minute now, I made it from some freebie paper I picked up when we all rode up with Sean to Philly, where he was one of the openers for Brighter Death Now at that venue. The back page of the paper seemed to be an anti-personals ad space where people could leave anonymous messages of hate to some unnamed person or other they detested. Of course, that page made for the most comedic cut-up text.
Self centered stupid trust fund bitch
inconsiderate, mean, self-centered, arrogant
and you talk about yourself way too much
Crookedly earned money
Why the hell do you want to be in someone’s face
all the fucking time. You are the nastiest man
snorting up all the coke you can find with your
yuppie ass friends going to places like the fucked up 
bars that you need to sit in a tub with all these chemicals
and get that shit off you.
Walk away.
I bet your gonna have a really GREAT day tomorrow!

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