Lil’ D

extendedshowSo hooray, the other show I’m in has been extended through to January. And Eric & I are planning an Astral Knife performance for the closing party.

Today was spent lackadaisically watching a Chesperito tribute on Univision while I worked on a comic for the next Not My Small Diary anthology. The comic needs to be sent in 3 days. A book cover painting needs to be done by next week. This is the sort of thing I’ve always wanted. Now I just need more hours in the day, or more days in the week, to pull it all off along with everything else I need to get done. The least of which is stopping by the new Michael’s when my next check comes in because I’ve seen online that they sell venus flytrap terrariums and on my latest trip to the pet store for rat food I impulsively bought a baby venus flytrap. For those times when being a mad rat girl just isn’t creepy enough to the norms on it’s own. I named it Lil’ Dentata (Lil’ D for short.)


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