Platform Edge – “That’s A-vore!” Pt 2

 Yeah, it’s a spoof on the cannibal cop case, though the character’s name is cobbled together from Sawney Bean and local cannibal Daniel Rakowitz.
 Though it’s been a long day I’m still awake given that our building is into it’s 3rd night now of a busted boiler and it’s cold…not that we were home most of the day thankfully…spent some time on a painting for a quickly creeping book cover deadline. Reading a left-wing political comic magazine from Mexico that I found in a subway newsstand, of all places…El Chamuco Y Los Hijos Del Averno. It’s like having a Spanish-language World War 3, or maybe WW3 is an English & now Arabic version of this, since I don’t know how long it’s been in existence. Obviously I’m much happier about my historieta discovery than my freezing toes.

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