Shell Shock

Tonight instead of knocking myself out to figure out Ardour, I’m distracted by old World War 1 footage of shell shocked soldiers.

The diagnosis and treatment of shell shock in soldiers was a precursor to our modern understanding of PTSD. I’d also consider a precursor in Freud’s early work Aetiology of Hysteria, which was suppressed to the detriment of pretty much everyone except child molesters.

It’s late, it’s always late before I know it and I’m watching the events surrounding the U.S. & Cuba with a mix of hope and trepidation. Please don’t become another capitalist’s backyard, please. This was announced yesterday, the day of San Lazaro/Babalu Aye, who’s wound-covered statue graces mi Abuelita’s nightstand. At once a King of infectious disease and healing, which will this be?


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