Platform Edge – “That’s A-vore!” Page 3

Cannibal003web“Platform Edge” can be read over at Tapastic:

It was a peaceful Winter Solstice, for us at least. overlooking the fact that I’ve been trying to point out to people online that no, Ismaaiyl Brinsley is NOT to me some kind of revolutionary avenger extracting an eye for an eye from the cops, just because he shot two of them in the back of the head before killing himself in Bed-Stuy yesterday. I say this because prior to doing that, he had broken into an ex-girlfriend’s home in Maryland and shot her in the stomach. Partner violence is another form of oppression, and when you wanna hashtag #blacklivesmatter, remember that also means black womens’ lives matter. And no matter what he wrote on Instagram about Mike Brown or Eric Garner (who’s name he misspelled, BTW), he’s also a guy who thought it ok to break into someone’s home and plug lead into her…why? Because she didn’t want to be with him anymore? Because she wouldn’t be exactly how he wanted when they were together? I don’t know. But when it comes to oppression, a misogynist abuser or a racist cop…they’re both kind of playing the same game. It goes “I’m inherently above you and if you think otherwise, forget your place, don’t do as I say…I’m gonna hurt you. Perhaps even kill you, if the mood strikes me.” And that game, that way of thinking and viewing the world and other human beings, is BULLSHIT.

I hope she’ll recover all right.

Today is simultaneously the darkest day of the year and also the turning point where the time of sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere starts to grow longer again, bit by bit. So, this ate at me today. Tomorrow, once again, is the continued fight of existence. Blessed Winter Solstice to all.


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