Astral New Year

AKclosingshowThe new year is creeping up on us. What’s better than avoiding shitty bars with bad music that have suddenly decided to charge $150 a head for one night? What’s better than navigating crowds of the same puking douchebags who were proudly displaying their ignorance and casual racism weeks before, doing it all again? (Minus the Santa suits) That’s right, the answer is pretty much anything. And once all that dies down, you can come out on January 4th to hear Astral Knife in their first performance of the year, sure to torment whatever lingering hangovers remain.

This show is part of a closing party for the (S)he Is Still Her(E) group art show, which I also had a piece in. It was an incredible show and I was honored to be a part of it. But all good things must come to an end, unlike bad things which malinger…and there we be much visual and sound projects and things in 2015, so onward we must march.

And mostly it’s just me personally who likes having something to look forward to and work on. New Year’s Eve has a melancholic quality to me that I can’t quite explain. I could put it all off on a forthcoming ptsd “anniversary reaction” but I don’t feel that’s entirely it…and it isn’t even the stuff I mentioned in the first paragraph or the drunken promises people make themselves towards self-improvement that will likely go unfullfilled, or the harsh glare of optimism that dissipates when it’s 5 AM and you’re cold and have to make your way home on off-hours, holiday schedule subways. Or the looking back on the previous year, gaging what you did accomplish to what still needs to be worked through and made happen. Or then again, maybe it’s not quite any of those things, but rather a combination gooey spitwad of all of them combined.


2 thoughts on “Astral New Year

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