Ruminations On Lost Visionaries

lostvisionariesAdolf Wölfli was an art brut visionary

One of the Mad’s patron saints

But in

1890                        1895

arrested for molesting or attempting to molest

“unfortunate little girls” (Breton)

14      5     3 1/2          (Like I was 14 and

                                              the youngest were 3

                                                              that barren desert winter)

But who were they? History doesn’t say.

What ways did they find to cope with

their trauma, their pain?

Their new status as “Victim of Misfortune”?

(as Wölfli billed himself)

Were there ways just as visionary, artistic, depth-plunging, extreme?

Scratches and sounds blood ink verse and screams

Or were girls in the 1890’s just not seen as those visionary visceral things

Expected instead to hide their damage.

But Wölfli too was a victim as a boy, sexually misused

As none should ever be.

André Breton said of him:

“The triumphator at one with the victim”




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