Astral Knife – “Upward”

Latest track to go up. Our show tonight managed to go off gracefully despite someone deciding to switch up a mike mid-gig, I’m not sure why…but the end result is that in the words of Lars Von Trier, “Chaos Reigns”, and I expect there will be more fallout from it in the morning.

But for now…I’m in that unreal state of exhaustion where I’m home listening to someone on the Spanish rock show do a samba version of “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics and my body aches from lugging a gig bag home and feeling relieved I got paid for a book cover job today, mainly because the handle of the bag finally gave out and snapped off, and I can just go get a new one. Maybe even something that we didn’t just pay 12 bucks for on 14th St!

14th Street was weird last night, at least the subway, when a cop stepped face to face and stared intently at me…didn’t speak, just intently stared. Maybe I look like a suspect? He and his partner scrutinized as I bought a soda for the ride home and Eric bought a candy bar…I thought cops were deciding not to do weird petty BS to send some kind of “point” to DeBlasio? I was more than fine with that, no more arrest quota padding, privatized prison filling frivolous Broken Window/Pressure Point type of nonsense. Anyway, they didn’t stop us or follow us or anything, so ultimately this was a non-event that honestly could have been much worse. But it was WEIRD.

Oh yeah, I found this on the way home and made it into a gear box. It’s the most badass gear box in all noize. Prove me wrong.


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